Funny Stories

Wild Dreams Unveil Shocking Auction of Intimate Secrets! Find Out Who Got the Best Deal!

At a table one morn, a couple did sit,

Over breakfast, they shared tales, bit by bit.

She said, “In a dream, an auction took place,

Where pen**es stood, awaiting their grace.

“Nice-sized ones were cheap, only a twenty-five fare,

The larger ones more, at fifty, if you dare,

But the spectacular ones, they went high and bold,

A hundred dollars, or so I was told.”

He raised an eyebrow, asked with a jest,

“”Is that right? How much did one like mine go for?”

She smirked, replied, “Oh, dear, don’t be tense,

Yours was a bargain, just fifty cents.”

He chuckled and said, “I too had a vision,

Of a similar auction, but a different decision.

Vag**as they sold, in variety and range,

From okay ones to tight, the bids would exchange.

“Twenty-five for the basics, fifty for the snug,

And the tightest, a hundred, fetched under the rug.”

She raised her chin, asked, “Oh yeah? How much did one like mine go for?”

He smiled, “My love, that’s where they held the auction.”

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