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Man Orders ‘Purebred Police Dog’ for $25, But What Arrives Leaves Him Shocked!

My friend, a recent widower, thought it might be a good idea to get himself a dog for a bit of companionship.

Checking out the pet ads in the local newspaper he came across one that read:

“Purebred Police Dog $25”.

Thinking that sounded like a pretty fair bargain, he called and ordered the dog to be delivered and paid up-front by credit card.

The very next day a van pulled up and left on his doorstep, in a cardboard kennel, the mangiest looking mongrel he had ever seen.

In a bit of a rage, he telephoned the man who had placed the ad and shouted over the phone.

“What the hell do you mean by calling that mangy mutt a Purebred Police Dog?”

“Hey, calm down*the man responded, “Don’t be deceived by his looks, mister, that dog’s under cover and in the Secret Service.”

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