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Unskilled Guy’s Shocking First Day on the Farm! You Won’t Believe What He Did When Asked to ‘Kill the Pig’!

A guy with no skills and no brains gets a job helping out on a small family farm.

On his first morning on the job, the farmer’s wife says to him: “I’ve got somethin’ for you to do. The butcher’s comin’ by in half a hour to carve up some of our livestock into meat. Since my husban’ the farmer is asleep and likely still drunk off his ass, I need you to go kill the pig and drag his carcass to the road.”

“Alrighty,” the guy says, and heads out. He comes back just a few minutes later.

“My, that was mighty fast,” the farmer’s wife says. “You done that before?”

“No ma’am, but it was pretty easy,” the guy responds.

“You know, since he was still asleep and drunk.”

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