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Mom Discovers Shocking Report Card Scam by Son – You Won’t Believe His Clever Math Trick!

A boy brought home his report card to show his parents how well he did in math class.

His report card showed a 90/100 for his math grade. His father was ecstatic, however his mother knew he was terrible at math and thus simply couldn’t believe he got a 90/100.

She looked closely at the report card and noticed that the 9 and the 0 looked to have different handwriting styles.

She immediately became suspicious. “Son, tell me, did you add a 0 to the end of your grade?”

“No,” the boy replied.

“I’m going to ask you again,” said the mom, “did you add the 0 yourself?”

“No mom, I didn’t add the 0–”

Fuming, the mom cuts him off. “Ok, since you’re not telling me the truth, you are grounded for one month.”

“No mom, please!” the boy begged, “I swear I didn’t add the 0!”

“This is your last chance,” said the mom, “tell me the truth!”

“I didn’t add the 0…I added the 9.”

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