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Man’s Wild Surgery Story Leaves Friends in Awe: You Won’t Believe What He Used to Replace His… Well, Just Click and Find Out!

Tom worked at the saw mill, and one day had an unfortunate accident; while reaching for a branch, the machine caught his pants and pulled his crotch towards the blade of the machine, cleanly severing off his manhood.

After being rushed to the hospital and stabilized, Tom was given the astounding news by his doctor that while they could not reattach his pecker, due to advances in modern medicine, they COULD replace it with the trunk of a baby elephant. Not ideal, but he figured that’d be better than nothing, so had the procedure done. He was too embarrassed to tell anyone, and just let his friends know he was all fixed up and good as new.

A few weeks later, Tom was at dinner with some of his friends. After everyone took their places, they passed around the dinner rolls. When the basket got to Tom, suddenly a small elephant trunk shot out from under the table, grabbed a roll and disappeared. Luckily most of his friends didn’t see it, but a few of them did. Confused by what they thought they saw, they didn’t say anything.

Seconds later it happened again! A tiny elephant trunk shot out from under the table, grabbed a dinner roll and disappeared again. This time all the friends saw it, and everyone demanded to know what the hell was going on.

Reluctantly, Tom let them know about his experimental procedure. All his friends were super impressed, and wanted to see Tom perform that little trick again.

He replied, “I can’t really control it, besides there’s no way I could fit a third roll up my butt!!”

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