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Man’s Friend Delivers Tragic News with a Shocking Twist You Won’t Believe!

A man asks his buddy to check up on his cat and his mother as he is going on vacation for a month.

The trip is going well when one day he receives an e-mail from his friend that reads: “Your cat was hit by a truck and died”.

He immediately calls his friend to ask what exactly had happened and also to explain to him that he should not give terrible news like that, with so little tact.

“You could start off with an e-mail saying that the cat climbed a tree. A few days later, you could send another one saying that the cat fell out of the tree and hurt its paw. Then after a week you could send a final email explaining that after falling from the tree and hurting its paw, the cat was hit by a truck and died. That way I could prepare myself mentally for the eventual horrible news that my dear cat has passed away.”​

The friend apologizes for the blunt email and tells him that he had never heard of the three emails strategy. And they end the conversation on good terms.​

A week goes by, and he receives a new email that reads: “Your mother climbed an Oak tree.”

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