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Construction Worker’s Hilarious Miscommunication at Building Site Goes Viral! You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

A workman is 5 floors up at a construction site and realizes he forgot his hammer.

He leans over the edge of the building and sees his friend on the ground floor. He shouts down to him

“Hey buddy I need my hammer.” His friends looks up but motions to his ears that he can’t hear him.

The workman, thinking quickly, decides to sign out what he wants. He points to his eye for “I,” his knee for “need,” and then makes a hand motion for his hammer.

His friend on the ground floor squints up, and then unzips his pants and starts furiously masturbating.

The workman, shocked, runs down the 5 flights of stairs to his friend. “Hey buddy,” he says, “I was trying to tell you that I need my hammer. What the hell are you doing?”

“I know!” says his friend. “I was telling you that I’m coming.”

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