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A Truck Driver, a Priest, and the Most Epic Revenge Story You’ll Ever Hear!

One day a truck driver picks up a hitch-hiking priest.

As they’re chatting and driving along, the priest points out someone else on the roadside who looks like they need help, but the lorry driver responds with

“that son-of-a-bitch was my wife’s divorce lawyer, and he took me for everything I had!”.

As they get closer, a fierce burst of rage overtakes the truck driver and he goes to run him over. At the last second, he remembers he has the priest with him and swerves away, but is confused to hear a loud bang anyway and see the lawyer in the mirror face-down in the dirt.

He turns to the priest and says “I’m so sorry, father, I thought I missed him”

“Don’t worry, my son”, the priest replies, “I got him with the door!”

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