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Man’s Hilarious Quest to Get Rid of His Wife’s Beloved Cat Goes Hilariously Wrong!

A man and his wife retire after working at their respective jobs for 40+ years and settle on a nice ranch out in the country.

The wife asks if she can adopt a cat since all of their kids have grown and moved on, so she was having some empty nest syndromes going on.

The husband agrees and they adopt a cat from the local shelter.

And this woman adored the cat, lavishing all kinds of love onto the animal.

Unfortunately, this made the husband a bit jealous.

So, one day, he loads the cat into his car and drives down the road, about 15 minutes, where he drops the cat off

He comes back home only to find the cat sitting in the drive way.


So he loads the cat into the car again and drives to the other side of town, about 45 minutes of driving, and drops the cat off there.

Gets back home and low and behold, the cat is in the driveway.

He grumbles and curses, loads the cat into the car again and drives into the mountains, about a two-and-a-half-hour drive where he drops the cat off again.

He gets back home, and there is the cat yet again sitting in the driveway.

He curses, stomps his feet and yells, only to then proceed to load the cat into the car again.

This time he drives through the mountains, the back roads, through several counties. Just hours upon hours of driving

He drops the cat off once again and leaves.

About 20 minutes into his drive home, he calls his wife on the phone.

“Honey, are you home right now?”

“I sure am!”

“Is your cat sitting in the driveway by any chance?”

“He sure is. Why?”

“Well put him on the phone, cause I’m lost.”

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