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Mom’s Hilarious Attempt to Curb Son’s Swearing Backfires! You Won’t Believe Little Johnny’s Response at the Church!

Little Johnny’s mother was upset about her son’s swearing habit, so she takes him to the church.

There, the priest is waiting. After finishing her own confessions, Little Johnny’s mother talks about her situation.

“I don’t know what to do with my son anymore, Father,” she says. “He started a while ago to say swear words, and now he is saying one in every sentence.”

“Why, I have just the perfect solution,” the priest smiles. “How is he financially? I mean, does your son have a piggy bank or something?”

“He keeps his savings, once in a while he gets one coin or two,” the mother replies.

“Very well!” The priest exclaimed. “Make him donate ten cents for the church for each time you catch him or know from someone that he said a swear word. Come back at the end of the month with him to give to the poor box everything he owes. Maybe financial pressure will control him.”

“Great, Father!” The mother grinned. “I’ll start today.”

*At the end of the month…*

The mother comes back to the church. She seems unamused. The priest noticed her bad mood and asked:

“So, tell me, how it went?”

“Yeah, Father, he is quite a chatterbox, he owes $9,90,” the mother revealed, then turning to her son.

“Little Johnny, come here! Give the money to the priest.”

Little Johnny comes, quite ashamed, and hands the priest a $10 bill.

“Ten dollars?” The priest said. “I’m afraid I don’t have ten cents to do change.”

“Oh, Father, don’t worry,” Little Johnny smiled.

“Just go fcuk yourself and we’re even.”

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