Funny Stories

When an Angry Wife Asks Her Husband to Fill a Bucket with Snails

A middle-aged married couple live in a small house on the beach. One afternoon they get into a huge fight. The woman says to the man, “I’m so angry I can’t even stand to look at you right now,” and hands him a large bucket.

“Go down to the beach and fill that bucket up with snails for tonight’s dinner,” The woman tells her husband, “and once you’ve done that maybe I’ll be able to stand being around you again.”

The man reluctantly agrees and heads down to the beach with the bucket. It takes him several hours, but he is finally able to catch enough snails to fill the bucket just as the sun is starting to set. The man gets ready to head back home when he suddenly sees a beautiful young blonde woman walking along the beach.

The man sets down his bucket, approaches the blonde, and starts up a conversation with her. After they talk for a while, the blonde invites the man to come home with her, which he eagerly agrees to.

The man ends up spending the night with the blonde. He wakes up early the next morning and suddenly realizes that his wife must be frantically looking for him.

The man runs back to the beach as quickly as he can, gathers up his bucket full of snails, and sprints back home. When he gets there, he dumps the snails out all over the walkway leading up to this front door.

The man’s wife hears the commotion and comes to the door. “Where the hell have you been all night?” She demands angrily.

The man turns around, looks down at the snails, and says, “Come on, little guys, you can do it! We’re almost there!”

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