Funny Stories

Kid in Cowboy Gear Holds Ice Cream Shop at Cap Gunpoint! You Won’t Believe His Hilarious Demands!

Little Mikey saunters into an ice cream shop in full cowboy regalia complete with twin six shooters and chaps. He swings his legs over a stool and swiftly pulls the cap guns out, points them at the waitress and snarls

“Gimme an ice cream sundae!”.

She smiles and says “What flavor ice cream cowboy?”.

Mikey pulls out his guns again and grumbles “Gimme chocolate!”.

“Whipped cream?” grins the waitress.

Out comes the guns again, “Gimme whipped cream!”

The waitress says “Do you want your nuts crushed?”.

Mikey draws, “Do you want your tits blown off?”.

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