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Sad Truth About Life that No One Will Tell You

Imagine yourself in this scenario:

She is your wife.

This is your car.

This is your house.

This is your phone.

You’re a multi-billionaire.

You graduated from Harvard.

People love you. People hang out with you. People notice you. People take care of you. People treat you with superiority. People invite you to the best parties.

Now, take away the wedding; You are single.

Substitute the Bugatti with a rusty, broken car, with over 200K miles.

Your home is the street.

You have a flip phone.

You are barely making ends meet. Many days you go without food.

You cannot afford to go to college.

You have no degree.

Your lifestyle is now like this.

What do you have? What does society see in you?


Suddenly, you go from 500 friends to 0.

The people you thought cared about you are nowhere to be found.

You are alone.

You are struggling.

And no one cares.

The saddest truth about life is that people only like you for what you have, not for who you are.

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