Funny Stories

$50 Pet Exposes Scandalous Affair and Leaves Owner in Shock!

Man walks into a pet shop and sees a parrot for only $50. Standing next to the cage the man asks, “I wonder why he is so cheap?”

“Because I am defective,” came the reply. “I’ve got no legs.”

A little surprised the man asked, “Well how do you stay on your perch?”

The parrot draws him closer and whispers, “I have a big penis. I just wrap it around the bar and stay put. Go offer the owner 30 bucks for me. He’ll take it.”

The man walks out of the store with the parrot and takes him home. They become best of friends. They talk sports, politics, current events. The man could not be happier.

One day the man gets home from works and the parrot beckons him over with his wing…”Psst…come here. I need to talk to you.”


“It’s about your wife.”

“Yeah, what about her?”

“And the postman.

Today he knocked and she answered the door in a skimpy black negligee.”


“Yes. And then they embraced in a long passionate kiss,” the parrot went on.

“Holy shit…that can’t be possible.”

“It is. Then they went over to the couch and she slipped him out of his uniform and then things started to get really steamy.”

“Well,” the man asks, “what happened next?”

“I don’t know,” said the parrot. “I got a hard on and fell off my perch.”

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