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Wife’s Text Message to Husband Takes a Shocking Turn – What Happens Next Will Leave You Speechless

Mary needed veggies for dinner but her nails weren’t dry yet, and she had friends coming over. She sent a text to her husband.

“Honey please don’t forget to buy vegetables on your way back from the office. And Priscilla says ‘Hi’ to you.”

Paul, her husband replied, “Who is Priscilla?”

“Nobody, I was just making sure that you read my message.”

Paul took a moment, then replied, “But I’m with Priscilla right now, so which Priscilla are you talking about?”

Mary couldn’t believe it, she had had suspicions for a while. “Where are you?”

“Near the vegetable market.”

“Wait I’m coming there right now!” forgetting about smudging her manicured finger nails, and her friends coming over, Mary snatched the car keys and within 10 minutes she was at the market.

“Where are you”? She texted her husband.

“I’m at the office. Now that you’re in the market, buy whatever vegetables you need…”

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