Funny Stories

When Teacher asked Pier about his Family

At school, 5th grade classroom. The new teacher is asking some questions to the kids just to know them a little better.

T: so, Lucy, tell me about your family.

Lucy: I’m the only child. Dad work in a factory and mom is a housemaid.

T: a typical family… Nice. And what about your, John.

John: my father is an electrician, mom a nurse and i have a younger sister in kindergarten.

T: very hard workers, hu? And you, Pier?

Pier: well… right now my father is taking care of my mom who had a health problem and my elder sister works as substitute.

T: wait a second. What you mean with “substitute”?

Pier: you see, every evening she dresses very skimpy clothes, she puts on a lot of makeup and dad takes her to some dark road where she wait for her friends. Perhaps, very nice friends cause they give her a lot of money!

T: Pier, your saying that you’re sister is a prostitute, not a substitute!!!

Pier: Mr. Teacher, absolutely not. My mom is a prostitute but, since she’s sick, my sister is substituting her!

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