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When My Friend Got Stung by a Bee While Jogging: A Heart-Wrenching Tale Unfolds

A few days ago, I was out for my weekly 10k jog with my friend. We ran through a swarm of bees. He was stung, and collapsed within about 30 seconds.

He was looking in severe distress and was having trouble breathing, so I called 911. The ambulance got there in about 5 minutes, but he had already lost consciousness. They tried to revive him on the scene, but they said it was too late. He was gone. I was in total shock.

I went to his wake yesterday. I offered my condolences to his wife Liz. She was in total shell-shock. He was 52 but in fantastic health. Jim ran every day, but we’d also meet up once per week to run 10k for fun, just to push each other a bit.

So I told her “Liz, before Jim lost consciousness, he reached into his running shorts and pulled out this blue and yellow thing that says ‘EPI-PEN’ and gave it to me. It seemed to be very important to him, so I want you to have it”

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