Funny Stories

When an Old Couple was upset with the Salesman of Mercedes Dealership

A retired couple, longing to own their dream car, find themselves facing disappointment when a stunning blonde in a captivating outfit snatches away the vehicle they had their hearts set on.

The old man couldn’t hide his frustration and confronted the salesman with sharp words. He reminded the young man of his promise to hold the car until they could gather the full asking price of $55,000. To their dismay, they discovered that the car had been sold to the charming lady for a mere $45,000.

The salesman, taken aback, paused to gather his thoughts. He gulped down a glass of water, trying to find an explanation. With a sheepish grin, he finally admitted, “Well, what can I say? She had the cash in hand, didn’t require any financing assistance, and, sir, just look at her! How could I resist?”

Just when tensions were at their peak, the young woman approached the distressed couple, surprising them with a grand gesture. Handing the car keys to her father, she revealed her secret plan all along. With confidence, she declared, “There you go, Dad. I told you I could make that fool lower the price…”

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