Funny Stories

When a Woman was Looking for a Cheap Honeymoon Package

A Woman Goes to a Travel Agent

Woman goes to travel agent and says, “Is there any cheap package for Honeymoon?”

Agent says, “Yes Mam, $1000 for 3 Nights/4 Days in Bangkok including flight hotel and food.”

Woman replies, “More cheaper??”

Agent says, “Yes, Mam” — Switzerland for 3 Nights/4 Days all inclusive $7000.”

Woman still says, “More cheaper??”

Agent replies, “Mam, there is a Special Offer -10 Nights/11 Days in London and Paris via Milan, stay in honeymoon suite and complementary chauffeured car. Package is completely free!!!”

Woman is overjoyed and immediately tells him, “Awww my god!!! This is incredible offer, But there will surely be some Catch?”

Agent says, “No Mam, there is no Catch, Just one thing “The Husband for your Honeymoon Will be provided by us.”

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