Funny Stories

When a Husband wanted to make love to his Busy Wife

A husband and wife are campaigning for a friend who is contesting the local elections. They both become so busy that they do not think of anything but the elections — so much so that they communicate about everything in ‘political language’.
One night the husband wants to have s*x desperately, but seeing the wife busy doing some work, goes to her and says,
“I would like to put my candidate in your constituency.”
The wife, not realizing this was meant for something else, without raising her head says, “Our party is not going to accept this.”
The husband is disappointed, but he goes to sleep.
After some time, the wife realizes what the husband meant, so she wakes him up and tells him, “Darling, now you can put your candidate in my constituency.”
The husband replied, “Sorry, I cannot do that anymore.
My candidate stood independently and lost his deposit !!!”

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