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Southern Belles Spill the Tea on Gifts from Their Husbands! You Won’t Believe What Each Received!

Three southern belles stood together gossiping. The topic of discussion were gifts from their husbands. Here’s how it went.

Pointing at a house on top of a hill, the first southern belle boasts, “Y’all ain’t never seen a house like that. My husband built me that there house!”

The second southern belle’s jaw drops and begins to say, “My, I wish my husband would do me that!”

The third southern belle squints her eyes and says, “That’s nice. That’s real nice.”

Feeling small, the second southern belle begins to take off her coat to reveal jewelry all over her person. She brags, “MY husband keeps me bright as a diamond! The jewelry on my body could simply buy a damn house.”

The first southern belle turns red as her body was bare of any jewelry. She says with defeat and admiration, “How beautiful of a gift from your husband.. I wish my husband would do me that!”

And the third southern belle said softly, “That’s nice. That’s real nice.”

The third southern belle stood quiet. The first and second belle look at each other, then the third… look at each other, then the third…. Growing impatient, the first one exclaims, “And what did your husband get YOU?”

Gracefully, the third southern belle says, “Well… my husband paid for my etiquette classes, so instead of saying, ‘I DONT GIVE A FUCK….. I say, ‘That’s nice. That’s real nice.'”

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