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Adventurous Ferrari Ride Takes Unexpected Turn When Wife Gets Stranded – You Won’t Believe How It Ends

A man buys a new sports car. He takes his wife out for a drive in the countryside and is enjoying the power of the new engine, his wife starts feeling frisky and takes off her top. “go faster, and I’ll take more off”

With a grin he stomps on the accelerator, this continues until she’s butt naked and they’re doing 150.

He loses control on a tight corner and they roll down an embankment into a tree where he is pinned in the car and can’t get out, all her clothes are gone.

He tells her to run back to the road and get help but she says no “I have nothing on, I’m naked!” His seatbelt is stuck and can’t remove his either, the only thing he can give her is his boots.

She covers her lower bits with them and an arm across her boobs out of modesty and runs to the road where she stops a car screaming

“Help me.. My husband is stuck!”

The driver looks at the boots and says “Sorry lady, he’s in too far.”

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